Acquisition Due Diligence

Feasibility Studies

Start your business off right with a proper operational set up.  Even in the early stages of development decisions that will affect operations need to be addressed.  Will you be ready on opening day?  Linnea has been integral in  opening more than 60 self-storage facilities around the country. 

Consulting tailored to focus on the "hot spots" of you operations.   An operational review,  a full property audit or staff training can get you back on track quickly.   

  • Tenant Rent Increases.
  • Collection Calls.
  • Bonus Programs for staff.
  • Hiring Staff.
  •  Abandoned units.
  • Staff issues.
  • Tenant Unit contents damage.
  • Identifying staff theft.
  • Un-rentable units.
  • Difficult Tenants.

‚ÄčManagement & Consulting for the Self Storage Industry



Verify what you are purchasing.   An Acquisition Due Diligence Report  includes a complete unit inventory, Tenant file audit, staff assessment, physical property review,  rate assessment and more.  Identifying  opportunities and liabilities during the due diligence phase of your purchase can avoid surprises later. 

New Site Openings

Hot Spots

With seemingly "one on every corner" it's more important than ever to get atruly objective Feasibility study before you build an expensive self storage facility in the wrong place. 

Full third party management of your day to day operations allows you to achieve corporate results with personalized service. 


  1. Managing rent increases.
  2. Delinquency.
  3. Discounts & Specials.
  4. Staff Compensation.
  5. Training.