This service is designed for investors or buyers as an evaluation tool used during the due diligence or pre due diligence period.  It is intended to provide a more thorough assessment of the investment before purchase. 


  • A general property overview; curb appeal, cleanliness, general condition.
  • Provide an evaluation of the appearance of the office, rest rooms, and employees. 
  • Provide an evaluation of staff and staffing requirements.   
  • Perform a complete physical unit inventory (walk-through), report discrepancies. Verify vacant units are clean and ready to rent, review company units, inspect offline, un-rentable and complimentary units.
  • Audit a sample 20% of leases and compare them to the computer. Check that rental agreements and file documents are compete and correct with proper signatures, verify to computer.  Look for potential rental agreement problems.
  • Review fee waives, discounts and concessions, Review rent variations, exceptions and reversals.
  • Review cash handling, manual processing methods and banking procedures.   
  • Review accounts receivables & delinquent tenant management practices.
  • Verify merchandise inventory.
  • Provide an overview of operational efficiency. 
  • Identify potential deferred maintenance/ security issues/technology opportunities.   
  • Analyze street rates as compared to closest 3-4 competitors.
  • Unit Mix Review- Conversion Opportunities.
  • Marketing Review- yellow pages, internet, other marketing programs in place.
  • Identify additional income opportunities such as merchandise sales, insurance, trucks, business services, etc. 

Acquisition Due Diligence 

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