Self Storage Property Management and Consulting
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 While Lime Tree Management specializes in self storage, we also manage other types of commercial property.  Call for a consultation to discuss how we can work with you.

Management and Consulting services for your Self Storage Facility

Helping your business reach its goals.

"The self storage industry is rapidly evolving.  To remain competitive, operators need to be more creative than ever.  Identifying and implementing effective operational changes on a timely basis is crucial to long term success." 
~Linnea Appleby

Our philosophy
Each self storage facility is unique. The one-size-fits-all approach just does not work in our industry.  Custom solutions for your facility will provide the competitive edge needed to be a in leader your market.  That's what Lime Tree Management delivers to you.

Our commitment to results
Our success is measured by your success.  We roll up our sleeves to get and keep your business on the right track.

Our experience
Been there, done that- fixed it.  We understand the challenges of operating a self storage  business in today's economy. 

Defined expectations

Results driven management.

Unique solutions for your business.

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